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Neighborhood Watch Information

Neighborhood Watch (NW) is a Fairfax County Police Department sponsored community crime prevention program.  The program is directed primarily toward preventing crimes against property, such as burglary, larceny and vandalism.  The program organizes and trains communities to be alert to potential criminal activities in their neighborhoods.  Citizens are on the lookout for suspicious activities or persons and alert the police before a crime is committed.  In addition, residents learn and implement security measures for their homes.

New Lakepointe has had an active Neighborhood Watch program for over 15 years; we conduct primarily vehicle but also foot patrols.  The purpose of these patrols is to use highly visible citizen observers to deter crime.  Patrol members report all crimes and suspicious situations to the police:
            FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 911
            For Non-Emergencies: 703-691-2131

Please join Lakepointe’s Neighborhood Watch program.  The more volunteers we have, the easier our job becomes. 

Our Neighborhood Watch program is supported by The West Springfield District police department.  They hold regular meetings (first Tuesday of each month) with various guest speakers and interesting topics.  If you are interested, please contact the coordinator below:
Master Police Officer Michael Stewart
Certified Crime Prevention Specialist
Fairfax County Police Crime Prevention Unit
West Springfield District Station
6140 Rolling Road
Springfield, VA 22152
Police websites:
West Springfield District Office
Fairfax County Crime Prevention and Awareness
National Neighborhood Watch
Fairfax County Emergency Management
Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry (for local information, enter zip code “22015” or city “Burke”)